2019 – Happy New You!

Incredibly we’re now almost a full month into 2019 already. The familiar routines and patterns of life have reared their heads once again and the magic and glitz of the festive holiday has faded to just a dim light at the back of our minds. This week marked a day in the calendar that it’s claimed is the most depressing of the year – Blue Monday – a day when the post-Christmas excesses catch up with us and we feel out of pocket, out of shape and out of cheer.

But rather than Blue Monday being a cause of consternation, why not see at as a milestone that heralds the REAL start of a new you? January 1st is traditionally the time we profess our well-intentioned aims and targets for the new year, but the very nature of this month: cold, dark, that hangover of indulgence, mean that these resolutions fall by the wayside as we try to adjust to normality again. So it makes more sense to get the oppressive 31 days of January out of the way and then spring into action with Spring firmly on the horizon.

A crucial part of achieving a healthier you is the much-vaunted Work-Life Balance – a concept that sounds good as experts chat about it on TV and in magazines, but often has no tangible meaning to those of us striving at the coalface each day. So what makes a good Work-Life Balance, and how can you achieve ‘Wellness at Work’?

It can be quite difficult in the modern busy workplace. Long hours, sporadic and sometimes non-existent lunch breaks, sitting still for hour upon hour – these can all put a strain on your mental and physical wellbeing, at a cost to the individual and the workplace at large. So it is very important that, whether you are an employee or an employer, you take steps to counteract these issues and cultivate a workplace culture that relieves some of the stresses of modern life.

When considering wellness at work, it is important to nurture the different aspects of a person’s wellbeing:

If you’re able to create and partake in a working environment that allows space to address those five facets, it will greatly increase the likelihood of a happy and productive workforce.

The fantastic Urban Training will be hosting a lunchtime session on Health and Wellbeing on the 7th March starting at 1230 until 1315 hours right here at The Big Peg.  They will be discussing various aspects of Health and Wellbeing during the session and are on hand after to answer any questions you may have on their Personal Training offering or Corporate Wellbeing Scheme.  So let’s write January off and make plans to really get 2019 going. Make the coming year a real positive one by being well at work, happy at home and fully fulfilled. A very happy new you!

To reserve your place or for further details please email : Tara@thebigpeg.co.uk.

To find out more about Urban Training visit their website www.urbantrainingpt.co.uk