8 Tips To Help Improve Your Wellbeing

2019 is the year in which many of us are putting an increased focus on our health and wellbeing.  At work, employees are being encouraged to sign up for activities such as walking and running clubs, exercise classes and on-site yoga while simultaneously being urged to put a greater emphasis on their nutrition and mental health. It can only be seen as a positive step that staff health and wellbeing is increasingly a priority for so many businesses.

Our passionate team at Urban Training  and The Health and Wellbeing Company know all about the importance of individuals taking ownership of their health and wellbeing. Ahead of our visit to The Big Peg in March, here are 8 Top Tips from our expert team on how you can improve both your own and your employees’ health and wellbeing.

1.Getting a good night’s sleep

Sleep is something that many people neglect. Almost all credible studies show that an average adult should be having between 6-8 hours of sleep per night, but ask yourself – are you regularly achieving that? The benefits of regular and healthy sleep include reduction of stress, better concentration and improved blood pressure.

  1. Having a healthy nutrition plan

It really is true that the better the quality of food you consume, the better you will ultimately feel! We all enjoy a naughty treat every now and again but there really is no comparison to how your body feels when it has fresh or organic foods. Having better quality and healthier food will improve your mood, give you more energy and leave you feeling more positive all round.

  1. Drink plenty of water

This one of the simplest tips we can offer, not just for those hoping to improve fitness and lose weight, but to everyone because water really does boast lots of health benefits! If you do struggle to consume water an easy way to improve is to begin with a reasonable daily target – say 750ml, then every 7 to 10 days, simply increase it by around 150-200ml. You will barely notice that you are drinking more but over a period of time it really makes a great difference. We would generally recommend that eventually you’d be drinking between 3-4 litres per day.

Water carries great health benefits such as Increasing brain power and energy, flushing toxins out of your body, as well as helping to boost your immune system.

  1. Constantly learning

With long hours and busy lives, it can sometimes seem like a chore to take time to read a book or exercise your mind. But challenging your brain to learn new information every day is a great way to improve mental health. Giving your brain new stimulus gives it a chance to break out of its daily cycles and keep it active and healthy.

  1. Socialise

Meeting up with friends is always a tonic to a tough day. Having an opportunity to relax with your besties is one of the finest ways to improve your wellbeing. It’s a simple tip that can certainly help to reduce stress and anxiety.

  1. Keeping Fit

Probably the most prescribed method of helping to relieve stress of any kind is exercise. It doesn't really matter how you choose to try and keep yourself fit; perhaps it’s walking the dog, maybe yoga at home or even spending your spare hours at the gym. The key is that you try and find time in your busy working week to dedicate a few moments to your physical fitness. A healthy body invariably leads to a healthy mind and a much-improved sense of self all round.

  1. Rest & Recover

Taking time away to yourself and COMPLETELY resting is a fabulous way to improve wellbeing. We are all guilty of this – you take a day off work to spend with a loved one but there’s just that little email you need to send, oh and just a document you need to type up and before you know it you’ve spent half your day off working!

If possible, turn off your phone, close your laptop and relax in whatever way suits you!

  1. Talk To Others

It should never be seen as a sign of weakness to open up and talk to others when you are struggling. If anything it’s a sign of your strength to go and ask for advice and support! There is always somebody to talk to, whether it’s a service your company provides, work colleagues, family or friends. Don't be afraid to talk!

So there are our 8 simple tips to improve your health and wellbeing. Take some or all of them and try to slowly implement them into your day. Often, small changes to your routine can result in significant improvements to your quality of life. Remember, we are coming along to The Big Peg on March 7th to share much more of our expertise and guidance. We can’t wait to see you there!

Find out more about Urban Training www.urbantrainingpt.co.uk and The Health and Wellbeing Company www.thehealthandwellbeingcompany.co.uk . For more information about their upcoming session at The Big Peg, email tara@thebigpeg.co.uk.