Benefits of Collaboration

‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’

These words from the pioneering industrialist and founder of the Ford motor empire Henry Ford demonstrate his belief in the power of collaborative working. Ford wasn’t the first and most certainly won’t be the last captain of industry and business to extol the virtue of working as a team to achieve a shared goal. Indeed, the importance of collaboration in business and commerce has probably never been more important in this age of digital revolution.

By effectively underpinning your company with the fundamental practices of collaborative working, you can ensure your business is more efficient, productive and, ultimately, more profitable. But what is collaboration? And how can you make sure you’ve properly embedded its principles into your day-to-day practice?

Collaboration in a business context is the process of ensuring that all the stakeholders are working together effectively towards achieving a common objective. This includes leaders, staff, customers, suppliers and partners. By fostering a collaborative working method between these various groups of people in your business, you can maximise the benefits in the following areas:

- Communication –

There are many tools available now that will help you to promote open and inclusive communication within your business. Email and phone will still play a part but cloud-based operating systems such as Google Drive and DropBox enable real-time collaboration across your digital platform, while also making sure the right people have the right access to information they need to work effectively.

- Employee Productivity –

By giving them the tools, they can finish the job! You will see instant results in the overall productivity of your business when collaborative working practices have been properly implemented. There will be greater clarity for individuals to understand their specific roles and what is expected of them, resulting in a smoother and more fruitful working environment.

- Better Recruitment –

A happy, productive and team-focused workforce is one heck of an attractive perk to prospective employees. Being able to demonstrate to talented candidates that they would be joining a fabulously-functioning team will entice a greater standard of applicants for future opportunities in your business.

- Customer Satisfaction –

Your ultimate goal as a business is to have a healthy and happy customer base. If you’ve got a productive and collaborative team working efficiently together, then the end product and communication offered to your customer will be gold standard.

As the business world around us continues to advance at such a ceaseless pace, the importance of effective communication and collaboration is growing exponentially. The technology and tools that facilitate collaboration are becoming more sophisticated daily – it’s never been more crucial that the collaborative abilities within your business keep up.

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