How to create the perfect workspace

The shifts in our work patterns continue to transform and diversify with the advent of flexible working, multi-role responsibility and sometimes, work days that stretch into work evenings. And as such, it’s becoming increasingly important to create work environments that suit the modern employee.

These havens of industry must promote creativity but retain efficiency, they must stave off stress but assist in maintaining the diligent focus required to get through the day’s tasks. In short, your workspace should be the perfect marriage between comfort and endeavour – and fostering such a place is a lot easier than you may think. A few innovative purchases and the desire to fashion something truly unique is all it takes.

Here are our five top tips to create the perfect workspace:

  1. Bright is Right
    Even if your workspace doesn’t have the luxury of plenty of natural light, there’s no excuse for producing a dour cave-like hovel to conduct your daily business in. Bright, vibrant colours promote creativity while paintings/pictures/photos will add much-needed stimuli during those mid-afternoon moments when concentration begins to lag. And plants, yes PLANTS! A shot of natural greenery works wonders – reducing stress, improving air quality and aiding focus and efficiency.
  2. Get creative with storage
    Surely you’ve spent time working in offices where space is at a premium? The mountains of files perched perilously on the floor? The paper-strewn desks that haven’t been tidy for years? Well, it’s simple to become efficient with the available space, no matter the size of the office, by getting creative with storage. Floating shelves are a cheap and simple way to free up valuable floor space while investing in a desktop organiser can be a fabulously efficient way to store regularly-required files and folders within arms length.
  3. Create a chill-out zone
    Work days can sometimes be a bit of a slog and it can be quite easy to feel chained to your desk. But when deadlines are tight and a lunchbreak and change of scenery is out of the question, it’s mightily important for your workspace to have a ‘no-man’s land’ where you can go for a five-minute switch-off. It’s a great idea to decorate this space, whether it’s an entire room or just a corner of the office, in a distinctly different fashion to the ‘business end’ of the workspace. Bigger organisations such as Google often create space such as games rooms with consoles available for a spot of escapism but if that’s not an option for your business, simple touches such as iconic movie prints on the walls or a selection of (non-industry) magazines and books will help remind stressed-out employees that there is a life outside of work waiting for them at the end of the day.
  4. Banish bland office furniture
    In this innovative age of design and tech, there really is no excuse for bussing in the weary old 1970s office décor. Banish the black swivel chair! Throw away the rattling filing-cabinet! Recycle the ancient rug! There are a new wave of office furniture suppliers specialising in funky furnishings and a small investment now could transform your workspace into a hive of quirky design and productivity!
  5. Personalise the space
    Another super-tip for de-stressing the inhabitants of your workspace is to allow the freedom to personalise individual work areas. Family photos, motivational desk signs, even a flourish of creative design should be encouraged – it empowers the individuals and has the added bonus of creating a truly unique and positive overall work space.

That’s our five tips to revolutionize your own work environment. Whatever the size of your space, there are small innovations you can make that will reap HUGE rewards with improved morale and productivity.

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