The Heritage of the Jewellery Quarter

Birmingham Heritage Week is taking place all over the City again 6th – 16th September. Among the many things our great city of Birmingham is renowned for is its vibrant and diverse districts – each making its own contribution to the patchwork majesty that is the Second City. One of the most iconic is our home, the Jewellery Quarter.

Known internationally, this industrious and creative corner of Brum boasts Europe’s largest concentration of businesses working in the Jewellery industry. The wide array of designers, makers, goldsmiths and manufacturers working in the Jewellery Quarter produce almost half of the jewellery made in the UK. But crucially, that appetite for innovation, hard work and creativity has opened the Jewellery Quarter up to a new generation of innovative companies. Exciting and ambitious start-ups from the tech sector, new media and finance are making a home in the historic and ornate buildings, transforming the area into a chic and lively urban hub.

The roots of the JQ stretch back to the Industrial Revolution and though there have been fallow periods for the district, notably in the late 19th century and again when the Great Depression hit in the mid-1920s, the appetite to ensure the Jewellery Quarter’s continuing relevance and prosperity has always resulted in local governance and communities working hard to ensure redevelopment and investment.

With the recent boom in Birmingham’s economy and eminence, as well as the upturn here in the JQ, our business and cultural community is looking to capitalise on the rapid success with the Townscape Heritage Project, a national scheme to regenerate and invest in areas of interest such as the Jewellery Quarter. The successful bid for funding has seen a total of £1.8 million awarded to the project, with work starting this year and running right through to 2021.

The grant will primarily be focused on the restoration and repair of the historic buildings and streetscapes, maintaining and building upon the great strides the Jewellery Quarter has made over recent years. There really has never been a better time to be a part of this uniquely creative and industrious community.

As part of Birmingham Heritage Week,  Jewellery Quarter Townscape Heritage are working with various partners to deliver an excellent programme of events with two events being held at The Big Peg: For further details on their events and the Townscape Heritage Project please visit

Here at The Big Peg, we are at the very heart of this burgeoning and innovative district of Birmingham. Why not come and join us and witness first-hand the large-scale investment pouring in to the Jewellery Quarter? Get in touch with us now by emailing to find out more.