Narce Media

We were delighted to have the fantastic Narce Media join our vibrant and growing community at The Big Peg, earlier in the year.

Formed by Aston University graduates Connor Watt and Joseph Housley last year, Narce Media is a video production specialist with its focus on highly ambitious B2B organisations. After winning seed funding from a Santander funded pitching competition, they finally had something to get the ball rolling – not a lot, but it was a key step to fulfilling their lifetime ambition of owning a business. They were fast tracked onto the BSEEN incubator and the growth has continued.

We caught up with Connor, to find out more about their business

Tell us more about Narce Media, what do you do?

We attempted the impossible – starting a business with zero money. A year ago, we were two poor students on an extremely tight budget and had degree final year exams fast approaching. With the conclusion of university, we decided that this was the time to take action on our long-standing dream to start a business – Narce Media.

The overwhelming rise of digital media is here to stay, and with it comes a generation who spend significantly more time online which has undeniably changed the way we consume video. This radical shift gives you the immense opportunity to reach more people than ever before. Narce Media is a team who have been engrossed throughout the birth of the digital revolution, who deeply understand the value new media channels can bring and the ins and outs of producing a successful video. We love working with ambitious companies from all sectors who are driven to go on and achieve great things and we know video plays a huge part in that potential.

What projects did you have in the pipeline, can you tell us?

We have a few very exciting project currently cooking. One which stands out is TEDx. We are huge fans of TED and are currently working closely with the TEDx team to produce a range of promotional content leading up to the event as well as filming the event itself which will be published to over 18million people via their online channels.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

The hard part is done, you've taken that leap and started. You don’t have to have the final idea, a new idea or come up with the next Facebook or Amazon. People find it very easy to talk themselves out of getting a business going because it feels overwhelming and difficult. The truth is, starting a business isn’t a big difficult task, it’s doing lots of little tasks consistently. There is a great Ted Talk (funnily enough) from Stephen Duneier which I highly recommend everyone watch. He speaks of how an artist’s final masterpiece is an accumulation of millions of tiny shades of grey and in order to get the end result, you need to be patient and shade a tiny piece of grey every day. Work hard, be consistent and understand that things won’t happen overnight, but if you keep shading a little bit at a time, you’ll soon end up with a masterpiece.

What has been your favourite highlight to date?

Our favourite highlight is seeing the impact our videos have on our client’s success. It's hard to pick out one in particular, but, the satisfaction in knowing something you've worked hard to piece together through understanding their business and brand and seeing the results is a feeling which cannot be matched.

Do you have any predictions on trends in your industry?

I feel that video will only get more and more crucial to organisations. The way we consume content is very different to how it was a few years ago. People do not want to read white papers, instead, they want to be fed the content in an easily digestible manner. Personalised, targeted video is starting to feature more and more and I think that trend will grow in the next coming year.

Why did you choose The Big Peg for office?

When deciding on office space, we searched across Birmingham and after visiting The Big Peg we knew this place was the right one. It's in a fantastic location and everyone from the receptionist to the buildings team made us feel extremely welcomed and was passionate in wanting us there. The whole process was extremely smooth and offered us next to complete flexibility to manipulate our space.

What do you like about being based in the Jewellery Quarter?

The Jewellery Quarter is a hive of excitement. There is everything you could possibly need from meeting locations, businesses to collaborate with, transport links and of course plenty of places to grab a beer.

After work drinks and dinner. Any recommendations?

For a more chilled occasion, the button factory or villa rose tavern however if you want something where you can get dancing then St Paul's Square. Andersons is great for food, also situated in St Paul's Square.

What would you say to anyone considering moving the Jewellery Quarter?

Definitely shortlist it!

To find out more about Narce Media and how they can help your business visit their website